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Saturday, May 29, 2021


Valeria Kondratiev

Now we know why they’re pushing vaccination on children, who are not at risk.



NW 332

While children appear to be less affected by Covid, they are NOT without risk. In addition, an article published yesterday by Harvard Medical School’s Harvard Health Publishing titled “Coronavirus Outbreak and Kids” states:

“Early studies suggested that children do not contribute much to the spread of coronavirus. But more recent studies raise concerns that children could be capable of spreading the infection… Though the recent studies varied in their methods, their findings were similar: infected children had as much, or more, coronavirus in their upper respiratory tracts as infected adults… the presence of high viral loads in infected children does increase the concern that children, even those without symptoms, could readily spread the infection to others…”
“Further, vaccinating children will be critical to achieving a population-wide level of immunity — herd immunity — sufficient to slow the emergence of dangerous variants and bring an end to the pandemic.”

tom faranda

So different priorities have to be weighed up. The fact is they don't have enough data.

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