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Thursday, May 13, 2021


NW 332

Which “cult” are you talking about? The cult of mask-wearers or the cult whose members criticize, ridicule and confront those who choose to wear masks and may have stolen Patience’s and Fortitude’s masks?

tom faranda

Both. HOWEVER where I live the people confronting others regarding masks are the mask fanatics who blindly criticize anyone in public without a mask. The CDC says vaccinated people don't need to wear a mask - the only recommendation for a mask for them is for large indoor gatherings. And of course if you are going somewhere - store - gym - and they require a mask a person should conform to that.

NW 332

That’s not quite what the CDC says. Although there may be further updates as early as today, the CDC guidance laid out in your link says that masks for fully vaccinated people are still recommended for any public indoor setting. Masks are not necessary for fully vaccinated people in most outdoor settings.

No one should be confronting mask wearers or non-mask wearers outdoors.

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