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Sunday, July 25, 2021



In order to feel confident in opining on these issues, I have forced myself to watch---from start to finish--recent pre-packaged "town halls" and assorted videos of President Biden in Europe, etc. I have even, masochistically, gone back for repeated viewings---simply to ensure that what I am looking at is actually happening.

There can be little doubt that there is something seriously wrong--cognitively.

Again: the often fixed and dilated pupils are most disconcerting and this has been repeatedly noted by not one but two local doctors.....the strange eye darting and twitching----the disconnected, often disjointed, babbling, inaccurate and incoherent responses to simple questions. In the last few months alone, there have been literally dozens of these curious events.

This is hard for a lot of voters to accept. Especially when one considers the alternative...but it doesn't make the cognitive issues any less true....Prayers for our country while our enemies circle the wagons.


And yes, an unfortunate phrase to say the least.

NW 332

The Folly Editor could have more accurately headlined this piece “Sky news Australia; pretty critical of Biden”. That would have saved a lot of Folly reader/viewers seven minutes and forty-one seconds of tedium.


No one here says "take him out"; it's certainly not an Australian colloquialism - sounds more Hollywood to me.

Alan Jones is an nutter, and Sky News is not watched by many Australians. (I haven't a clue how it continues to survive financially.)

It's only there to torture those poor souls in retirement homes - and airport waiting rooms.
Bid's niece.

tom faranda

JP thanks for the comment. Will have to remember Alan Jones is "nutter." Of course we have our own....


Sorry- I meant to type “a nut” - not sure what “an nutter” is… 😕

tom faranda

No worries; - a nutter is a nut and my very intelligent readers will get it!

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