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Sunday, July 04, 2021




Peter Marengo

Amen. Without our blue, we will all be red. God bless the USA!



NW 332

Yes, back the blue. The “thin blue line” flag above was carried by a number of Trump supporters as they assaulted brave police officers on January 6th. Some of these insurrectionists even used that flag on a staff as weapons against the officers. Never forget!

tom faranda

He's still rent free in your head. How many policeman were assaulted during the Antifa BLM peaceful protests.

NW 332

None were assaulted with the "thin blue line" flag that I know of, and that you prominently display in this post to show support for police. If people truly support "backing the blue", they would stop trying to pretend that the January 6th assault on police and our democracy did not occur. And they would stop comparing it with the other civil disturbances that have occurred over our history. They are NOT the same.


Thank you Tom.

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