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Friday, July 09, 2021




Valeria Kondratiev

I’ve often thought that would be the time I’d identify as transgender, to get to the no line bathroom


Haha! I have done this a few times before myself. The line at the ladies room
is usually super long and no line in the mens room at all. The last time I did this was at Meet The Breeds in the Javits Center of January 2020. The ladies line was ridiculous and my little one couldn’t hold it so I brought her in the men’s room. We still laugh about it. No one was even in there. Haha!

NW 332

Some years back, I was on line for the men’s room at a Broadway theater when two women cut into the line and headed for the next available stalls saying, “Ladies first!” The men in line just laughed and no one raised an objection.


We witnessed a guy run into the ladies room by accident not long ago---he was greeted by multiple screams of GET OUT--You NEVER saw anyone exit so quickly with a SORRY WRONG DOOR in your life!

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