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Saturday, July 10, 2021


NW 332

The Senior Citizen-in-Chief must be still living rent-free in your head.


A neighbor, a true Biden Harris voter, complete with flag and not one but three lawn signs last year, privately admitted that she had grave doubts about his mental acuity. And indeed there are many videos out there which give one true reason for pause---the blank expression, the fully dilated pupils, the stumbling confused responses to even simple questions, the general confusion---it's all very hard to ignore.....we shall see if this gets any worse in the weeks ahead as it's been devolving rather quickly. As always, however, people should make the time to view the record and make up their own minds. Sad to say, you won't have to look very far...or very hard....to find scores of clearly problematic episodes in the last few months alone.

NW 332

I must admit, I will get worried if he starts talking about injecting disinfectant in people or nuking hurricanes.


A little context please:

Fact check---rated "mostly false" for bleach and disinfectants https://www.statesman.com/story/news/politics/elections/2020/07/13/fact-check-did-trump-tell-people-to-drink-bleach-to-kill-coronavirus/113754708/

As for "nuking hurricanes", unproven

It does seem--respectfully---that Trump still lives rent-free in your head---he is after all, not the president now---and in the last three months alone, there have been dozens and dozens of curious Biden statements and more.....most of which have been acknowledged in numerous credible publications....

But in the end it does not matter, sooner or later these issues will become impossible to ignore....and prayer might be our only hope.

Indeed it might be time for a serious religious revival---and not the new Orwellian wokeness that plagues our nation at present. God bless us one and all.

NW 332

Yes, a little context. You can certainly rate "drinking bleach" as mostly false, but I never wrote that. However, our Stable Genius did, in fact, suggest the possibility of injecting disinfectant to treat Covid 19. As for nuking hurricanes, it's rated "unproven", not "false", by Snopes. Folly readers are free to believe what they want about the veracity of those reports. Folly readers, and the Folly Master, himself, are free to ridicule me for having the 45th president living rent free in my head, but are Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell and all the other cowardly Congressional Republicans ridiculed as well? They quite obviously have the Stable Genius living rent free in their heads, even though "he is after all, not the president now..." In short, I find it laughable that the Folly and its loyal followers can question the cognitive acuity of the current president and choose to ignore the years of lunacy emanating from the West Wing in the previous administration.

Garibaldi Gunn

The damn fool running this blog couldn't care less about McCarthy or McConnell. Everyone knows people whose last names start with McC are lightweights. And he's soft on the bloviating blowhard Trump because he thinks Melania is hot.

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