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Thursday, July 29, 2021


Valeria Kondratiev

Bravo to Kwame Anthony Appiah for his sensible advice. I actually thought it was sort of illegal to fire someone for their political opinion. I guess it isn’t unless it’s a business with multiple employees?


Good response....

I actually know someone who babysat quite reasonably for a family on a regular basis. And then the family discovered that--shudder--gasp---the babysitter husband and wife were Civil War Memorabilia collectors---the husband was also well known in historical circles for his highly accurate battle scene dioramas---the wife had written numerous articles on women's role during the Civil War.

The family wanted the babysitting couple to remove all examples of "this racist period" in American history whenever the children were there. Needless to say, the answer was no. The family indicated that they would have to find another sitter. And they did.

Five of them to be exact over a seven week period---all of them unsatisfactory for whatever reason.

Let it suffice to say that they were back within a month but by then the babysitting couple---in demand by many people---had already moved on....

NW 332

I don’t know… I don’t think I could trust keeping Rudy Giuliani on the payroll to walk my dog.


Hah! An update on the babysitting episode. The family have now been back twice and are desperate for the old arrangement.....however, this time they now want proof that the babysitting couple are (a) vaccinated---and (b) will commit to never discuss the Civil War with the children, ages two and three. Needless to say, when the babysitting couple finally stopped laughing, the sound of the hang-up could be heard across the street.

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