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Sunday, September 12, 2021



Joining all men & women of good will in yearning for the formal execution of the above two, for war crimes in case of the former, crimes against humanity for the cackler.


I never liked or voted for George Bush. I can still see why that is from his moronic 9/11 anniversary speech this year. He likens a bunch of idiots who were essentially let into the capital building and caused a ruckus to the 9/11 hijackers. He dragged us through wars and invaded Iraq which had zero to do with 9/11 and made a big mess in Afghanistan that is still impacting us today. Like he is one to talk! He needs to button it.

tom faranda

I don't agree with the assessment that he was only referring to the Jan. 6th crowd. I think he was referring to any and all violent protestors including Antifa types and the phony version of BLM people


Good point Tom but honestly he is RHINO at best and might as well campaign for the Dems at this point. I never liked or trusted him. He didn’t have to get all these innocent American soldiers killed in the Middle East. He
exacted a personal agenda completely of his own making. He really is responsible for some horrible stuff. No wonder some one through a shoe at him. Good thing he can duck fast.


Thanks to the courage and inspiration of Flight 93 members. Let's Roll.

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