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Sunday, September 26, 2021


the Sheik of Showers - Sweat

COVID IS A HOAX which was invented to induce a mass delusional psychosis in humanity in order to stampede them, like a herd of compliant unthinking lemmings, toward the Death Jab in order to massively cull the world population ! ! !

tom faranda

That's a joke, right?

the Connoisseur of Condensation - Sweat

Yes, but only to those who belong to the herd of compliant, unthinking lemmings.


Joke's on us, alas, as predicted in the 2007 film The Invasion, wherein a virus rewrites human DNA, as does the current Pod-person 'vaccine.' Then, these genetically modified post-humans, the pod people, transform humans by injecting them with the substance under the guise of 'influenza vaccines.'

In the film, as now in reality, humans rose up to do battle with the Podmasters & their Podvaxxed victims.

the Effulgence of Effluence - Sweat

Don't be a CLOD !
Say NO to the POD ! ! !

tom faranda

Anti-viral meds are pretty common and are not vaccines.

the Grail of Gush - SWEAT

Okay. We know that you were at least double vaxxed, and are now an official 'Pod Person'; and that you've been transformed into a genetically modified post-human; and are now hell-bent on convincing all of us who are still human to take the 'vaccine', and join the Covid Cult, so as to become 'Pod People' as well.

So Stop Being a CLOD !
And Come Out of Your POD ! ! !

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