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Sunday, October 24, 2021


the Ubermensch of Underarms  -SWEAT

CAPTION: Face Mask Submission Muzzle Burka/Diapers For Thee.....BUT NOT FOR ME ! ! !


It’s ridiculous families with kids under 12 couldn’t attend. All those kids go to school together and there have been no cases. It’s nice to see all these older adults enjoying Dolan’s visit while the future of the church, it’s youth were iced out. Oh well! Hubby and I had a date night, had dinner out and enjoyed Dune, and will go to mass as a family on Sunday together. We have decided to only partake in events with no Covid rules. We are done with exclusionist behaviors and rules for average honest people.

tom faranda

Those were not Holy Name rules; came from the Archdiocese.

the Wild and Woolly Wizard of Wet - SWEAT

Dear Jessica,
How right you are!
Sadly, under the present pathetic leadership of the Catholic Church (from top to bottom), the youth have chosen to walk away from the Church in droves, leaving many parishes looking much like old age homes.

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