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Sunday, January 23, 2022



This is too sad for words. And look at how many politicians---and assorted officials---local and otherwise---who are now suddenly so silent. There is also an excellent piece from News 12:


Westchester PBA calls for lawmakers' support in wake of NYPD officer's fatal shooting

Jan 22, 2022--Police in Westchester say the Harlem shooting that killed one NYPD officer and critically injured another is heartbreaking, but not surprising.

Yonkers Police Benevolent Association President Detective Keith Olson says police feel alone and they want to see a change."I can't even count the amount of funerals I've been to," Olson says.

He adds that officers are strapping mourning bands to their badges too often with four officers shot in New York City in four days.

"Several years ago, a fire was lit, a fuse was lit. It was an anti-police fuse," Olson says.

He says now it disgusts him to see some of the same politicians he thinks are responsible publicly mourn the officers who were shot. THE REST AT

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