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Sunday, February 20, 2022



Yes. It is growing by leaps and bounds. From the teaching of CRT, the 1619 Project, gender ideologies and so forth...more parents are saying no.

Here's a recent article from the great Bari Weiss substack page

--AMERICAN HOMESCHOOLING GOES BOOM, SUZI WEISS....In March 2020, as the coronavirus engulfed America, Kristen Wrobel got the news: “We heard on Friday that there would be no school for two weeks. Which just turned into no school.”

That was the last time her children — one in third grade, one in first — were in a classroom. In the beginning, they did the remote-school thing. Wrobel, a 42-year-old stay-at-home mom with a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, called it a “nightmare.” MORE AT COMMON SENSE WITH BARI WEISS https://bariweiss.substack.com/p/american-homeschooling-goes-boom?utm_source=url


Also--in my opinion---the need to consider home schooling--or private schooling, whether religious or not---has grown significantly in the last four years or so....

tom faranda

Maria the four Catholic high schools I know about have waiting lists to get in.


Yes I have heard this as well.

Especially for all girls and all boys schools.

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