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Wednesday, May 11, 2022



Thank you for posting. I don't think anyone should eb surprised here. The intention is rather clear.

the Leader of Leaks (but not the SCOTUS kind) - SWEAT

I must say; this is not very zen-like on the part of the communists who arrested this good Cardinal.

the Leader of Leaks (but not the SCOTUS kind) - SWEAT

Antipope Bergoglio has totally abandoned and betrayed Cardinal Zen and all the faithful Catholics of China, and has fed them to the ferocious communist wolves who are trying to wipe out the true Catholic Church there.


the Icon of Immersion - SWEAT

The elderly Cardinal – who in the past has expressed strong criticism of the secret agreement signed between the Chinese regime and the Holy See – was interrogated and then released on bail. His passport was also confiscated. What has happened is a very grave violation of the freedoms and rights enjoyed by every human person, all the more deplorable in the case of a Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church. The Vatican Press Office, with obvious embarrassment, limited itself to expressing “concern” without making any formal protest to the Beijing government. Only a few days earlier, ten other priests of the Baoding community, who belong to the clandestine Church, were abducted and sent to forced “re-education” by the Chinese Communist Party because they were unwilling to join the patriotic sect, adding to the list of abuses and oppression against Catholics who are faithful to the underground Church.

The poisoned fruits of the Sino-Vatican Agreement are now apparent. The Bergoglian church prefers to remain silent about the persecution of Catholics who belong to the clandestine Church after having handed them over to retaliations at the hands of the patriotic sect and the Chinese Communist Party. In exchange, Beijing rewards the Holy See for its services with substantial annual funding: the mercenaries allow themselves to be bought with thirty pieces of silver that are dripping with the blood of the martyrs of the Church of silence.

+ Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano
May 13, 2022

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