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Wednesday, July 13, 2022


the North Star of Niagaras - SWEAT

"How can this be?" (Faranda)

I think it's probably because all that hot Mexican food causes people to have more gas attacks down there. And this, naturally, explains their greater supply of the product than the USA, with the resultant lower price per gallon at the pump. It's a simple case of the law of supply and demand. The United States has been asleep at the switch regarding it's oil & gas policy during the entire administration of Sleepy Joe Biden and his communist handlers; with the end result reflecting the sage wisdom of that famous Mexican adage........."IF YOU SNOOZE, YOU LOSE!!!"

the North Star of Niagaras - SWEAT

In order to keep United States citizens from storming the border to Mexico for the much cheaper gas, I fully expect Joe Biden and the Demorats to immediately start building an impregnable wall along the entire U.S/Mexico border and (unlike Trump), to force U.S. taxpayers - NOT MEXICO - to pay for it! ! !


This is enraging!

the North Star of Niagaras - SWEAT

I (and Trump) would make MEXICO pay for the wall, and NOT the US taxpayer.

the North Star of Niagaras - SWEAT


FEAR NOT! The impregnable wall I mentioned above, which Sleepy Joe Biden and his fellow Demorats will build on the US/Mexico border to keep American motorists from getting to the much cheaper gas in Mexico, will only stop Americans from crossing to Mexico. It definitely WILL NOT stop any illegal aliens from crossing into the USA from Mexico. Those folks will continue to be allowed to overrun the country in unprededented numbers. But how can this be, you ask? Easy. The wall will have countless gates in it, manned by the likes of Antifa, BLM, etc, to assure that passage is only allowed from south to north, but not from north to south. THANK YOU JOE BIDEN!!!

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