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Thursday, July 28, 2022


the Provost of Pools - SWEAT

Another good reason, of course, is so that you would have sufficient time to work on starting a third national political party to become a viable alternative to those rascally Republicans and Demorats, who are forever messing things up !

TRUMP/DESANTIS in 2024 ! ! !

the Provost of Pools - SWEAT

Another excellent reason for not reading the Bible is so you'll have more time for the Mass, Rosary, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Stations of the Cross, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and converting those crazy Bible believing Protestants back in to the One and Only True Church which Christ established ! ! !

the Squire of Squirts and Spurts - SWEAT

Reading the Bible frequently, or even daily for that matter, is a laudable habit, and a very good spiritual practice. I would highly recommend it. However, that being said, there still remain THREE very strong reasons for NOT reading the Bible, for those of you out there who need to protect yourselves from Bible-thumping protestants and the like.
First: the Bible came from the Church, NOT the Church from the Bible.
Second: the Bible is NOT the sole rule of faith. It is just one leg of the stool of Divine Revelation; the other two being Tradition and the Magisterium.
Third: the Bible is NOT necessary!!! And YES, I really did just say that. Jesus commanded His disciples to go out and preach, not to go out and write a book. Because Jesus gave the Church His own authority to teach, if we never had a Bible it wouldn't be missed because the Church alone proclaims Christ's truths and has done so for 2000 years, notwithstanding the last 9 disastrous years of Antipope Bergoglio!
But know that the preceding excellent and provocative thoughts are definitely not my own. I borrowed them from Joe Sixpack. Kudos to him!

tom faranda

How do you know Jesus commanded his disciples to go out and preach if not for it being in the bible.That statement of yours has lots of holes in it and is not worth discussing.

the Squire of Squirts and Spurts - SWEAT

"That statement of yours....." (Faranda)

I already confessed - in my above post - that those very provacative thoughts were not mine, but were Joe Six Pack's. Therefore, you need to take it up with him over a few cold ones!

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