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Wednesday, August 03, 2022




the Squire of Squirts and Spurts - SWEAT

MCGA! Making Cowflesh Great Again !

Trump/DeSantis 2024 ! ! !

the Suzerain of Sluice - SWEAT

I can assure you that a Trump/DeSantis administration would give us some meaty leadership; like gas back to $2.38 per gallon and inflation back to 1.4%; the way they were when the Mad Don left office in 2021. I could live with those numbers.

the Sire of Swelter - SWEAT

As a matter of fact - now that I think of it - if the Mad Don gets reelected again in '24, and he got gas way back down to $2.38 and inflation way back down to 1.4%, I'm sure I'd be able to afford steak again!


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