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Tuesday, November 29, 2022



He is fantastic. You may also enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfGOSpg9Pds

Greg M.

What an awful video. This guy is a mere crank and critic, offering zero solutions. Tom, as you told me years ago, global warming is caused by the sun, not carbon emissions. Plus your buddy Trump said it was a Chinese hoax.

tom faranda

Greg did CNN ever reimburse you for your subscription to CNN+?

Greg M.

Tom, here's a Catholic perspective. You'd be well advised to read one.
The Laudato Si Movement released a statement following COP27 and celebrated the "loss and damage" decision as the negotiations ran overtime: We celebrate the long awaited framework on loss and damage and the limited window of progress to establish a Ministerial work programme for urgently scaling up mitigation ambition through a just transition work program. Together with Pope Francis, we note that, “The failure of global summits on the environment makes it plain that our politics are subject to technology and finance. There are too many special interests, and economic interests easily end up trumping the common good and manipulating information so their plans will not be affected” (LS 54). We therefore acknowledge that much more can be done, and we continue the struggle to put real mitigation at the heart of climate negotiations through a fossil fuel non proliferation treaty and divestment from fossil fuels.
There is one longish piece at the end where I try to recapture some of the work of Amy Westervelt on the long time campaign of the fossil fuel industry against the science of climate change. I recommend her research very highly and apologize for the shortcomings in my effort to get her work into a short version for this newsletter.

I conclude with a word from Thomas Berry and a reminder of how Pope Francis continues his teaching on Care of Earth. There is a link to my Edmund Rice International website below for those who might want to take a deeper dive on some of the issues mentioned here. I post regularly and there are about 150 postings from November readings on related topics. Reminder, if you want to make a difference - eat less meat.


Br. Kevin
Here is the link:

tom faranda

Greg I will certainly go to the link and have a look.
Now two points -
Do you remember the first Care for Creation meeting at HNM? Facilitated by Fr. Jack. At some point he asked the 50 plus people for a show of hands of who had read Laudato Si. Two people put there hands up; Paul Dinter and Tom Faranda. Made me question just why people had come to the meeting when they had not read it...
Regarding Jordan Peterson - I wonder just what your exposure to him has been ... did you read his book? Ever watch any of his videos? He offers mild criticisms of the climate change/ecological movement and you label him a "crank and critic". Maybe you should look at the video (again?). It's only 6 minutes long. And then explain where it's incorrect. He doesn't mention this but in the last ten years there's been something like $2 and a half trillion spent on alternative energy sources. So in the ten years the use of fossil fuels has dropped from 82% of energy use - to 81%. I'm afraid the issue is vastly more complicated than advocating a "fossil fuel non proliferation treaty and divestment from fossil fuels." Oh, and eating less meat. Yeah that will do it.


It's like high school: if class is big enough, you can slink behind a smart student who did the readings.

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