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Tuesday, April 02, 2024


Regina Montana

Thank you for this loving tribute to Fr. Mike. He surely was a joy-filled priest and will be missed by many people. May he rest in peace surrounded by the love of Christ whom he served his whole life and free of so much pain that he endured while on this earth.


We loved Fr. Mike and are so upset to hear this news! He was very young. Fr. Mike was kind, compassionate and loving to everyone! We still quote him from his homilies. He once commented how he loved rock music and especially AC/DC. When he got ordained as a priest one if his families members said, “you are Back in Black,” from the AC/DC song. He was a cool guy that everyone found easy to connect too. He was also a former NYC police man. He will be missed but we know he is definitely with Christ now.

Peter Marengo

This is sad news, Father Mike was such a good man. May he rest in the Peace of Our Savior.


I was so upset to learn of Father Mike's passing. He was a true priest.


Very sorry to hear of Fr Mike’s untimely passing; sad that he suffered for so long. Here is a podcast where he speaks about gratitude among other things: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-1-father-michael-keane-faith-during-covid-19/id1511613815?i=1000473828169
Rest in peace Fr Mike.

tom faranda

Nancy thanks for the link.

tom faranda

Jessica his Dad was a policeman - I think finished as a captain. But Mike was not a cop.

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